• Founded: April 2014
  • Incorporated: April 2018
  • Exempted: June 2018
  • EIN: 83-4341659
  • Tel: +1.708.320.8379
  • info@shalafoundation[.org]

  • Shala is the Sanskrit word for a peaceful gathering place where members of a community or group find support and protection. It is home for some and sanctuary for others.

    The mission of The Shala Foundation is to serve community-based volunteer organizations and individual beneficiaries selected by our Board of Directors each year. We are a 501c3 non-profit charity that seeks to eliminate prejudice and discrimination of disadvantaged women, children, and animals.

    We are a 100% volunteer organization that provides educational programs, vocational training, mentoring programs, in-kind donations, pro bono consulting services, and financial support to beneficiaries selected by our Board of Directors each year.

    These beneficiaries are typically underserved or underrepresented groups within the local communities of Cumberland County, NC, Cook County, IL Pierce County, WA or Ferry County, WA.

    As a private non-profit, we also support other 501c3 organizations who directly serve first responder families, military families, conservation programs, or animal rescues.